Can We Man in the Middle Attack in End to End Encryption?

Is an encrypted communication system that allows only the two parties to connect to see and read encrypted messages? Messaging can not be eavesdropped and can only be seen after decryption using the encryption key used in this process since the encryption key is only known between the two ends of the connection.

The use of this technology does not allow telecommunications companies, Internet service providers or companies that provide the service to monitor the conversation or manipulate it because it will be encrypted.

Can We Man in the Middle Attack in End to End Encryption?

Man in the Middle Attack:

When you use End-end Encryption, encryption technology, data is sent securely between contacts, but an attacker can try to break this encryption by tapping the communication channel and impersonating the receiving party of the message (during the key exchange phase), and then the messages will be encrypted using The value of a known encryption key by an attacker who can decrypt messages using the cryptographic key This is called the Man in the Middle Attack. Most encryption protocols use a special authentication method to prevent attacks by a man in the middle where the parties compare the value of the encryption keys Through a reliable communication channel before starting a secret conversation to make sure that a man attack is not successful in the middle.

Encryption Key in Private Chat:

When a confidential conversation is created, the sender and receiver exchange the values ​​of the encryption keys using Key Exchange, and then the secure end to end connection begins.

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