Best Online Custom Logo Maker Website : DesignEvo


Best Online Custom Logo Maker : DesignEvo

Today i am introducing a very useful website for Making Custom Logo for your Company, Websites, Brands, etc. for free with 6000+ templates that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes. with 30+ categories according to your brand or websites. I am really impressed with this website because this not only provide 6000+ templates also free of cost.

What is DesignEvo ?

DesignEvo is custom logo maker website by PearlMountain Limited. A graphic design company since 2006. Their aim to make professional photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to everyone. Their most popular product, FotoJet, has millions of users spreading over 200 countries and areas.

DesignEvo has more than 6000+ templates divided into 30+ categories and thousands of professionally designed icons. And more than 100+ stylish fonts. DesignEvo is also available for Android and IOS.


  • You can create own custom logo by using icon, shapes, colors, stylish fonts.
  • You can also save your projects for future purpose

Best Online Custom Logo Maker : DesignEvo

  • You can add favorites from 6000+ logo
  • there are lots of feature you can find on their Webiste

How to Create Logo ?

Using DesignEvo creating logo is not a big issue, You don't need any skills for creating logo from DesingEvo. For creating logo you have to only create a DesignEvo account , login and click on Create Logo you will be redirected to you Logo Work space where you can create your logo by just drag and drop system and i think this work will also done by a 5 year kid. You can see a screenshot below how i create a logo easily.

Best Online Custom Logo Maker : DesignEvo


There are three types of Pricing 
Free, Baics, Plus and I have use Plus version which is best option for me, I know this cost little but trust me it is only one type payment after that you can download unlimited Logos.

Best Online Custom Logo Maker : DesignEvo

I know DesignEvo is not totally free. Only you have to pay little one time payment for unlimited logo. Free version is not totally free because you have to give credit. 

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