Must Try These GTA Sanandreas Cheats in Game

GTA SanAndreas Cheat Codes

Only a True Gamer will Identify These GTA SanAndrea Cheats

LXGIWYL: Weapons (Collection) 1
KJKSZPJ: Weapons (Collection) 2
UZUMYMW: weapons (group) 3
NCSGDAG: Hitman level in all weapons
WANRLTW: Ammunition not carried out and no need to reload the weapon
JYSDSOD: Max Muscle Level
OGXSDAG: Respect Level Max
EhIBXQS: *** Appeal Max
BTCDBCB: Fat level
KVGYZQK: Skinny Jay Jay
LFGMHAL: Jump high
IAVENJQ: Very strong punch
BEKKNQV: CJ is attractive
MUNASEF: adrenaline (GTA3) slow motion
HESOYAM: Health, Armor and Masari
BAGUVIX: Permanent health
CVWKXAM: Underwater Breathing
AEDUWNV: Not feeling hungry
SJMAHPE: Recruit anyone who was giving him a gun
ZSOXFSQ: Recruit anyone who was giving him an RPG
PGGOMOY: Good control
AEZAKMI: No police
ASNAEB: No star
OSRBLHH: Two police stars
LJSPQK: 6 stars police
AGBDLCID: Mountain Car
AKJJYGLC: small motor
AQTBCODX: Car buried death
CQZIJMB: race car
EEGCYXT: Trahram and defect
JQNTDMH: The James Car
JUMPJET: Horizontal Flyer
KGGGDKP: Shathura
KRIJEBR: A ​​car for a muzin
OHDUDE: Helicopter Flyer
PDNEJOH: Race car 2
VPJTQWV: Race car 3
RZHSUEW: Summer car
UBHYZHQ: Car is haraam and defective
URKQSRK: Glider Pilot
AFSNMSMW: The boats fly
BSXSGGC: Cars are running remotely
COXEFGU: All cars carry nitron
CPKTNWT: Blow up all cars
OUIQDMW: shot from the window
RIPAZHA: Cars fly
XICWMD: Invisible Car
ICIKPYH: Very sunny weather
AFZLLQLL: sunny weather
AUIFRVQS: Cloudy weather
MGHXYRM: Overcast weather
ALNSFMZO: Dark weather
CWJXUOC: Sandstorm
CIKGCGX: Everyone wears a bathing suit
IOWDLAC: All cars are black
LLQPFBN: All cars are rosy
BGKGTJH: All cars are old
FVTMNBZ: Rural cars
GUSNHDE: Racing cars
THGLOJ: Light traffic kinetics
XJVSNAJ: Play at night
ZEIIVG: All traffic lights are green
ASBHGRB: Elvis Everywhere (GTA2)
FOOOXFT: Everyone carries a gun
PRIEBJ: Funny costume
AFPHULTL: Ninja costume
OFVIAC: Orange Sky 9:00 pm
YLTEICZ: Motorists are hostile
SZCMAWO: Suicide
VKYPQCF: Nitro for Coagulation and Causation
YSOHNUL: Accelerate the clock
LIYOAAY: Slow down time
PPGWJHT: Accelerate Time
MROEMZH: Gangs are everywhere
BAGOWPG: Everyone is following you
AJLOJYQY: Civilians carry golf rackets
BGLUAWML: Civilians attack with all kinds of weapons
IOJUFZN: War on the street


SuperGT: Bronze Medals
Bullet: "" Silver
Hotknife: "" Golden
Monster Car: Complete the 8-Track Race at the Los Santos Stadium
Freeway: Bronze Medals
FCR-900: Silver
NRG-500: "" Gold


Marquis: Bronze Medals
Squallo: "" Silver
JetMax: "" Gold
Rustler: Bronze Medals
Stunt Plane: "" Silver
Hunter: "" Gold

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