How Well-Chosen Tech Investments Can Grow Your Small Business

How Well-Chosen Tech Investments Can Grow Your Small Business

Technology is commonplace these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. For small business owners, recognizing what is worthwhile for their growth can make all the difference, but that’s easier said than done. We sorted the best tech to consider so you can ensure your funds are well-spent.

How Well-Chosen Tech Investments Can Grow Your Small Business
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Run with the Pack

It’s no secret that those who run small businesses tend to keep their days filled to the brim. The ability to be productive and efficient are must-haves, and because of that, chances are you rely heavily on your phone. You use it for more than “just” calls - it can upload and distribute information, help you run your team, and even be the meeting venue for closing important deals.

A phone that is outdated, lacks memory, or is simply slow can make or break your day - and your deals. When customers experience slow service, that’s when you can lose out to your competition. If you’re due for an upgrade, check into newerphones that have all the features and capabilities you need so you can keep running with the pack - or even be the leader. There is something for everyone; just matchup your price point with the bells and whistles you require. Whichever smartphone you choose, be sure to back it up with the right phone plan for your data needs.

Protect Your Nitty Gritty

Details are important to the success of your business, and some details matter more than others. Of all the details you need at your disposal, the data stored in your computer systems will always rank near the top of the list. Losing your data can mean more than a loss of productivity; CSO notes the majority of small businesses who are victims of data breaches are likely to shut their doors in 6 short months. And what’s worse, anyone can become a victim - it takes just one wrong “click” or a disgruntled employee to turn things inside-out.

Without the budget for a permanent IT staff, getting things back in order quickly and effectively can be impossible. So what can you do when your small business is hacked? Your best bet is to connect with a data recovery specialist like Secure Data Recovery. With the appropriate tools and expertise, they can potentially stop the thief in their tracks, retrieve your information, and restore things to good working order.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hardto tell if your small business has been hacked. Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (and then some in this case!), consider asking a data recovery agency to perform checks on your current systems. They can identify trouble before things get out of control and provide you with peace of mind.

Analyze This

Reaching more customers is an obvious boon to your business, but knowing how to best go about that can be challenging. These days, the answer is both simple and complex. We all know we live in a tech-oriented age, so when customers want to search for a product or service, they do what you do - they reach for their phone. If they don’t find your website, or they land on it and it’s clunky, you’ll lose out. In fact, Junto notes half of those searching give your site just twoseconds to load, and if it fails, they move on.

Knowing how your website stands can be pivotal in how much you grow. Investing in some analytics tools can tell you what brings them to your site, what makes them linger, and what makes them leave - and from there, you can shape your decisions to make the most of what is working, and let go of what isn’t.

In the world of business, success is never promised. However, technology can make the difference between being a pack leader and getting left in the dust. Sort your options wisely so your small business can grow.

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