Facebook is making a jump in total users and nearly one billion users a day

Facebook continues to attract millions of users and has seen high jumps in net profits as the second quarter reports indicate that the world's first social network Close to 1 billion active users per day.

The total number of Facebook users reached 1.49 billion users per month, up 13% compared to the fourth quarter of last year, after the number of active users per month was 1.35 billion users.
The report added that Facebook brings 844 million active users daily through mobile phone and mobile platforms with an annual growth rate of 29%, bringing a total of 968 million active users a day with annual growth of nearly 17%.

Several figures and statistics were also reported regarding applications and services owned by Facebook:

The number of active users of the popular chat application, Whatsapp, reached 800 million active users per month, followed by the "Messenger" application, which reached 700 million users
An active user per month, and thirdly, an application that eliminates 300 million users per month.