How Can You Became Ethical Hacker | Know your Abilities

Many are looking for a course of learning to break through and understand the ways of protection. Some may think that it is not desirable but not everyone is looking for evil by learning the principles of penetration, especially the "ethical hacker," which is important to be present in any technical company now to act as a protection specialist and detector gaps to secure systems of electronic risk Potential. The average salary of an ethical hacker reaches $ 120,000 per year. 

Learn the principles of penetration will help you to arm from the dangers of security threats that do not stop daily As we know that each technology a loophole, we must learn how the malware works and how we search for them and find solutions to fill the security holes in your work.

"Ethical Hacking" is a good thing and makes you a wanted person in hundreds of companies that provide online services and technical equipment and you will get a great salary because everyone needs a protection specialist right now. The "Become an Ethical Hacker Course" is one of the best beginnings to learn Penetration testing, a specialized protection position to look for gaps and errors in any system and electronic device at a salary of up to $ 120,000 a year. 

The penetration testing field, also known as "pen testing", is a security search process and your goal as a laboratory is to penetrate the discovery of vulnerabilities in the Internet networks you are examining. The course is provided by the Science Alert Academy with a simple and wonderful explanation and has a 16 hour content for $ 49. However, the course does not give you a certificate of official certification for this field. You will need to do several international tests that may cost you hundreds of dollars to obtain a breakout license.

Course content Learn the moral breakthrough The course comes with a very rich content for anyone who wants to learn Ethical Hacking and we will review with you some of the content presented. 89 lecture of 16 hours Learn how to penetrate several layers of different protection after obtaining a formal permit 

Learn to hack computers, break passwords, break systems, and penetrate applications Overflow protection and buffer overflow work from scratch How to evolve from yourself as a moral hacker and get stronger positions in this widespread area License of the ethical hacker How to Become an Ethical Hacker

If you want to obtain a formal ethical hacker license as a vulnerability inspector, you should look for a Certified Penetration Tester and a Certified Ethical Hacker, but remember that it may cost you hundreds of dollars. The tests of obtaining a moral hacker license are difficult and not as easy and exciting as the Mister Robot series. You need someone who is obsessed with the world of penetration and a deep study of the world of protection, knowing that the hacker's moral function is also difficult and has special working conditions in each institution. 

You may hear the term "moral hacker" in other terms such as White Hacker, Gray Hacker and Black Hacker. But what is the difference between these people, all of them hackers, and they are either afraid or objected to their talent.

White Hacker: White Hacker is the Ethical Hacker and works either in technology companies or organizations to detect security vulnerabilities, detect vulnerabilities, and secure the company's hardware and products from potential attacks. The ethical hacker works freely but with an official order and authorization from the direct manager and whatever he does, he has the legitimacy to help him do anything possible to protect the company, solve problems and perform the security tasks facing it. 

Black Hat Hackers Black Hackers represent the dark side of the hacking world and use its skill in viruses and malware to break through companies, strike systems and always aim to steal, threaten or barter and expect them to be punished if they are caught.

Black Hackers do not work according to any laws and motivated by personal and material motivation and participate in illegal electronic wars, and some of them are very professional and has broad objectives and political characters such as those in the series of Mr. Robot. The meaning of the term Gray Hat Hacker: combines the two White / Black hacker, and share the same methods and activities, but the Gray Hacker may discover gaps without the permission of the owner of the product / website and exchange money to fill this gap. Gray Hacker often searches for system vulnerabilities and hacks them for a reasonable amount of money to detect this loophole. But if the site owner does not respond, the hacker may spread this vulnerability on the Internet and make your service a hacking arena, exploiting this protection applications for Android with strong encryption protects your privacy! This type of hacker is considered "illegal" because he did not get official permission from the owner, but it is hard to say that he is a 100% offender because he is not exploiting the original but is trying to get a reasonable reward for discovering the gap in his expertise and tools.