What is SSL Certificate? & Encrypted https Protocol

What is SSL certificate or encrypted https protocol? 

Many of you may wonder what SSL certificates or https protocol appear in green at the beginning of the link for companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and other giant companies. Today, I will answer these questions that you always ask for What is an SSL certificate? SSL certificate is the acronym for "secure socket layer" Is used to create a security layer between the server web server and browser browser, which encrypts data transmitted over the Internet between the server and browser, such as sending messages and communications and data sent over the Internet between them, which includes a high level of security in the hierarchy of

SSL Encryption I Have Tech

This protocol provides security in an invisible way to the user. Protocol operations are performed above the core service layer of the Internet protocol package. Software that uses the transmission settings specifies a port or socket for both ends of the communication, Contact parties. SSL can encrypt all connections between ports immediately and without user intervention, providing security support for all Internet applications, especially e-mail, telnet protocol, FTP, and various web-based exchanges, which can be protected by SSL.

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Certificate work: Secure the connection to the server "encrypt information when sending". Give a sign to the browser that the site is safe from the patches and viruses and that the browsing is 100% protected where you will notice the presence of https in green at the beginning of the link of the site. There are two types of this certificate: Documented Not documented The difference is that the authenticated certificate shows you a green link, while the other non - documented give you an alert before entering the site.

How do I get a certificate? 

Get it through one of the documentation companies, the largest of which are Viri sign or Comodo and other companies that provide you with this paid service.

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