How to Protect Your Facebook Account and Avoid Sharing Your Data?

How to Protect Your Facebook Account and Avoid Sharing Your Data?

How to Protect Your Facebook Account and Avoid Sharing Your Data?

Here we discuss how to protect your Facebook account instead of closing it. How to protect your Facebook account after the data leakage crisis?

If you're following the news, you're probably aware of what happened last Month. More than 50 million Facebook accounts have been hacked by Cambridge Analytics and obtained without permission., where users crossed their anger and deleted their accounts from the platform.

In general, if you want to continue using your Facebook account and do not have the intention to delete or temporarily disable it, here we will give you how to protect your Facebook account and stay safe away from sharing your data confidentially.

1. Delete Apps Connected to Your Facebook Account

First, the process of hacking user data on Facebook was done by third-party applications that users install without knowing the access privileges. In order to protect your account, you must receive and begin handling these applications to prevent your data from being shared. You can access the control area of ​​third-party applications by following these steps:

  • Go to Facebook and sign in.
  • Press the down arrow in the top right.
  • Click from the drop-down menu on the Settings settings.
  • From the side menu, go to the Apps Apps page.

You will see on the right side a handful of applications that can access your account data, you will find that these applications have allowed it when creating a new account in one of the sites, or while subscribing to an online service, or belonging to applications, games ... etc. It is these applications that you are allowed to access your data.

To protect your account, browse the apps well and delete any application you no longer need and make the list of only applications you use permanently. You can easily delete an application by clicking on the "❌" icon and then confirming the removal by clicking "Remove".

2. Control Access Permissions For Applications

If you do not wish to delete the applications, you are always using them and can not be abandoned. Another solution is to control the access permissions of each application. For example, you can prevent an application from using your profile, knowing your friends list, pages you like, photos you share, etc. This option puts you in greater control of privacy, it only takes time to review all applications.

You can modify the permissions of the applications by pointing the mouse pointer over any application and pressing the "✏" sign to display a window with all the permissions that the application is allowed to get through your account. Remove the health check from any validity that the application will not allow access to, but do not forget to click on Save button to save settings.

3. Disable Using Facebook Apps

The final solution is to prevent the use of third-party applications permanently. This solution has a positive and negative effect. The positive effect is that you will keep your Facebook data more secure and will block any other data and spyware from you. The downside is that you will not be able to use Facebook to verify your sign-ups at many sites and services. You may notice that some sites offer you a Google Account or Facebook to create an account instead of using email and filling out a new account creation form.

You can simply disable third-party apps by going to the "Apps" page and then clicking the "Edit" button under Apps, Websites and Plugins, and then pressing the Disable Platform button.

4. Control Facebook apps from your phone

If you are not able to do the previous things through the computer, you can do them through your phone, or specifically through the official Facebook application for smart phones, whether it is Android or iOS or Windows Phone. If you're wondering how to protect your Facebook account from your phone, just do the following:

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Press the Menu button from the top bar of the application.
  • Scroll down, and then tap Account Settings.
  • Click "Apps" or "Apps".

Here, you'll be able to do the same steps we reviewed in the previous lines to protect your account and avoid sharing your data.

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