How to revert from Windows 10 to the previous version after upgrading (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

Here are many brothers who liked Windows 10 after upgrading the system. On the other hand, there is another category that did not like this new system, there are some complaints and problems encountered by the owners of computers that are available on the screen card type 'AMD' and the group One of the factors that may make them think of going back to the old system which is intended either Windows 7 or 8 and 8.1 .. So if you think of going back to Windows, which I was already in it you are in the right place so that we will explain to you today Code professional method Back from Windows 10 to Windows.

All you need to do is enter the settings of the system 'Settings' and go to the Start menu at the bottom left of the screen, and after entering the settings click on' Update & Security

After that, you will see a new interface that tells you what Windows you were on before you upgraded to Windows 10. If you are on Windows 7, you will see 'Go Back To Windows 7' as opposed to what you were personally. I was on Windows 8.1 before upgrading So the message back to Windows 8.1 has appeared, on which you click Get Started and will be Backup files for the previous Windows for reference!

The root of the reminder is that the method will work that you have already done an upgrade of your system to Windows 10, if you install a normal it does not mean that the method will succeed with you and will be back to the previous sources.

I hope now you can got an idea about How to revert from Windows 10 to the previous version after upgrading (Windows 7, 8, 8.1), If any of you facing problem then fell free to comment I'll sure solve your problem. Thanks...

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I am Avnish Kumar owner of this blog. I like to write tech article. As being a student, managing this site, writing tech articles it is little bit difficult as there is no enough time.


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