How to protect yourself from WannaCry ransomware

Every person using the Internet should keep their system safe. Cyber ​​attack can cause harm to any system.

The impact of  WannaCry ransomware virus may have been reduced in the country, but this has opened the pole of online security system around the world. Nowadays all the work is done through internet, so, it is very important to keep important information and data safe. We also do important work related to money, such as banking, ticket booking from home. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the personal computer, mobile also from the risk of viruses. Know how strong the security.......

It is Necessary to Update

We do not update the operating system of home computer or laptop often. Apart from lan or Wi-Fi, the mobile Internet also runs from the system, even if operating systems besides Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox should also be updated. Virus Wanacry has targeted Windows. So, if possible, update anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-malware as well as operating system.

View File Extension

Check out the extensions before opening the file that comes with an email. For example, if the file name is XYZ, then the .pdf, .xls, .doc, .rar is written. This is called the extension of the file. Before opening rar, zip, or compressed files, see if the names of files seem to be related to your work. If email is not related to your work, then delete it without opening it.Emails often come with messages like lottery or messages like any offer from a company like familiar names like RBI, Govt of India, etc.then check the sender's address.

Keep File Extension Open

Many times the file does not show that extension. It is made in such a way that it is not known what the file is. In such a situation, such changes will be made to the settings of the system that the extension of all the files will be visible. Click My Computer. After that click on Tools in the menu bar. Go to Folder Options in the tool, go to View here and check 'Hide Extension for File'. If the tick is made on it, then remove it. After that click on apply and then ok.Now Extension of each file will be visible in this system.

Keep Remote Desktop Connections Off

This means that a person sitting away can operate your system only through the IP address. In office it is controlled by the Cyber ​​Security or Information Technology Department of the Institute to close it in the office. They can use it to overcome the technological impairments in the system, but there is no need for it to be used in household systems.To turn off the remote desktop, go to the control panel and click System on System and Security. After that, in the remote setting, allow the user-to-connect remote or allow connections are checked, then remove it.

Keep Password Safe

Passwords of email accounts, internet-mobile banking etc. should also be strong. Use a special characters with lower case, upper case with password. Use virtual keyboards while doing online banking. Do two-step verification while logged in. Avoid banking transactions while using public Wi-Fi.

If you follow these steps then you can save yourself from hacking, If you want to ask some questions then comment bellow without any hegitation. Thanks...