Important Tips to Increase Battery Life in Android

Tips to Increase Battery Life in Android

There are many applications  that aim to prolong battery life, I do not recommend many of these programs. But here are some practical tips on how to charge and discharge the battery, which can greatly contribute to prolonging the battery life.

Avoid battery discharge until 0%

Most modern batteries are Li-ion batteries and become unstable when they are fully discharged. They are dangerous to charge and have a high card. It is recommended to charge the battery at a level of 35-75% of power and try not to fall below 30% until the next charge.

Do not forget to remove the charger after you finish

Did you know that when the phone battery is fully charged, the charger does not pull any electricity and does not consume the power of the home, but leaving the phone in the charger for a long time may cause it to be heated and general scientific opinions recommend removing the charger after the charging has ended.

Neglect shipping for a long time

Do not leave your phone for a long time without charging even if you close it. Always make sure that 50% of your phone's battery power is present so that the battery can not be recharged later when re-used.

Avoid excess heat / coldness

Some people may think that the very cold weather helps the phone to perform the best performance, but this is not true. The phone is subjected to heat or high cooling affects the performance of its internal components such as processor, memory and screen also, and the maximum temperature of the phones is 20-32 degrees and should not exceed.

Some Common Important Tips

  • Closing Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Data when you do not use it will greatly save battery power and endurance for the end of the day.
  • Permanently disable the Internet for some applications that do not want to consume battery power.
  • Always try to look at Power Usage statistics to see which tasks / applications are running out of battery power quickly.
  • Use the Task Manager application to close unused applications and consume battery power.
  • Activates Automatic Brightness to automatically adjust the brightness of the phone.
  • Disable Auto Sync for some applications, such as e-mail.
  • Disable Disable some applications that you open only every period or delete applications that you do not intend to use.
  • Disable Animated Wallpapers Animated Wallpapers and disable some Windows.
  • There are applications that disable the Internet automatically in your phone when not in use, which is a "Greenify" application. This application makes the applications pause in the background temporarily until you use them again.

These are some practical tips to prolong battery life and reduce exhaustion throughout the day. Try it and you will notice the difference in battery usage.Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments section and also join us on the social networking sites to stay connected with us. Also do not forget to go through an article on Top 6 Ways To Earn Money From Internet Without Investment.