How Make Money With Google Adsense | Best Methods

Google Adsense is one of the most famous systems of Google profitability, which enables the user to achieve a percentage of the profits obtained by Google from the owners of advertising, how many times you enter on any site or Blog and see text or image ads appear on different products or sites Do not ask yourself why sites and blogs place those ads and what benefit they get from their status for those ads. The answer is simple that these sites and blogs get a percentage of the profits of those ads every click on those ads worth the profit of the material, but Beware of the conditions of Google Adsense very strict Despite the profit that can be achieved from that system, any violation of the terms of that system presents his account for closure and loss of It's a profit so always be sure to read Google Adsense terms before starting any step.

  • Steps to Profit from Google Adsense 
  • Sign up for Adsense Google Adsense 
  • Several Important Notes 
  • Basic Requirements to Make Money with Adsense 
  • Features of Google Adsense 
  • Important Tips to Ensure that Your Adsense Account Is Not Closed

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Steps to Profit from Google Adsense You Create Your own blog, which you will use in the development of Google adsense ads, and even avoid the rejection of Google Adsense for your blog, make an account on Google Blogger blog to ensure acceptance. Create an account on Google Adsense and enter your data correctly Then add the link to your blog after the end of the registration Wait for the approval of the account, after approval Google Adsense will give you the ad code that you will put in your blog. Put attractive topics on your blog and promote them on different social networks so you get visitors to your blog the more visitors you get, the more you can make good profits. Place ads on highly-targeted pages so you can make quick profits. When you reach the minimum profit you can withdraw and receive it through a conventional or electronic bank or from any branch of Western Union with a personal identification card and this varies by country. Sign up for Google Adsense AdSense To participate in Google Adsense AdSense you will need to include: Google Account (Gmail Account) The site or blog you created must be compatible with the program policies. If you have these three things, you must apply to Google Adsense for an account. After submitting the application, your application will pass to approval stations starting with your application. Adsense checks your information and at this point asks you to place a code on your site and wait. In the meantime, Adsense is reviewing your account and will send you an email if you are informed that you can start creating ad campaigns and placing them on your website .You can open an Adsense account and link it to your YouTube channel as a first step. Some countries need to have a site age of at least six months before they even search for approval. You can create a blogger blog and fill it with unique content and then apply for Google Adsense from the Blogger templates. The Adsense account by Blogger or YouTube is a hosted account that is only for sites hosted by Google services, and is not suitable for an external site until after approval. To Make Money With Google Adsense You need a lot of visitors coming to your website or there will be no one to click ads on. Website promotion techniques, especially website configuration for search engine optimization and marketing are the most important factors bringing more visitors to your site. You also need unique and unrated content that will attract ads with the highest pay-per-click (PPC) value. Then, you need to plan your web pages so the ads fit into your website. Studies have revealed that people who visit websites that contain ads that use colors that are not in harmony and consistency with the intended website tend to have a situation called "blind advertising". It means no matter how visitors come to your site, chances are that no one will click on the ads because they will be ignored. You will not win much if you do not get clicks. Google Adsense features anyone can subscribe to. You can earn a good monthly income from it. The subscription is free of charge and it will only cost you to register your data. You do not need experience to work with this system it is available for beginners and professionals. Adsense offers the ability to design and program ads to suit the general look of your blog or site.

Important tips to ensure that you do not close your account on Adsense

  • Always be careful not to click on your ads. Do not create more than one account. 
  • Only one account is allowed. Do not place ads that follow the same Adsense ad format as this violates their terms. 
  • Do not tamper with the ad code until your ads are stopped. 
  • Stay away from the illegitimate targeted opposites because Google can easily detect those ways. 
  • Be sure to read the AdSense Terms of Service carefully to avoid closing your account.

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