What is Computer Memory & Types of ROM

Computer memory

The memory in a computer is a card made up of millions of cells that are specially made to store information and data processed inside. The types of memory in the computer vary according to the principle of its operation, namely the read-only memory is permanent. RAM is temporary. Computers used pins called DTP installed inside the protrusions of the motherboard, but with the development of the computer dramatically, it became urgent to have a large memory to rely on the storage of processes and data on them.


Computer Memory types used in computers are divided into two main types: 

Read Only Memory, which is a memory that allows the user to read what is stored on them without modifying the data on the memory, This type of memory is simple and common, and it is characterized by the need for an electrical effort to retain the information, and is divided into several types, namely:

PROM: that memory is programmed for one time only, and can not be changed or deleted or change the information stored on it .

EPROM: It has the ability to scan the information stored on it using ultraviolet light by placing it on the sensor on the memory and thus erasing it.

EEPROM: This type, which is commonly used on newly-created motherboards, allows the user to scan and re-compile information.

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Random Access Memory (RAM), RAM consists of millions of transistors and capacitors that combine with each other to form an integrated circuit in the form of BIT, where the latter stores the numbers and symbols on it intensively and thus acts as a private key to control the state The memory is distributed in the memory, and the stored symbols and characters take special addresses to be retrieved and used when needed, and if a place can not be allocated to Stored information, it will randomly search for the information to be accessed in the random memory, and the characteristics of this memory that it loses all the information is not saved in case of separation of power, and the RAM is classified into several types, including: DRAM, SRAM, FPM DRAM, EDO DRAM.

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