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Tips to improve results in Google

We always hear about the many SEO factors, the Google factors to improve the results in the search engines, and that there are some tips to improve the results, but the question is here: What are all the factors of Google? I have come up with the idea of ​​collecting all the Google factors.  

1. Keyword exists in the title: The keyword must exist in the <title> tag. 

2. The existence of a keyword at the beginning of the title: Preferably the keyword at the beginning of the title, and less important as it moved away from the beginning. 

3. Keyword presence in description: It is important that the keyword in the description of the page, some do not see very important, but in my opinion make a good difference in the search engine. 

4. Keyword presence in the H1 tag: The first thing that search spiders search for after the <title> tag is <h1>, and it is necessary to have the keyword in the H1 tag. Google factors 

5. Keyword Effectiveness: Focus on the keyword and repeat it within sentences "away from padding". 

6. Content Length: Content is preferred in many words, there is no specific number such as more than 1000, but content with the most words and longer content, has the advantage in the search engine. 

7. Keyword density: Reflected negatively if used excessively As we see in some forums of stuffing, keyword density must be more than in the context of speech. 

8. Explanation of the keyword: This factor has a difference in the supervision, when you talk about Apple, "For example," you should put an explanation of the word in the content, "Apple Computers" so that Google does not archiving and classification that you talk about fruits, "Apple." 

9. Age of the domain: The age of the domain is a factor of Google, but there will be a big difference between a six-month-old and two-year-old Domain.

10. Speed of the site: This factor is important, Google and Bing to evaluate sites in terms of software and technology, and the speed of the site is an important factor of the user experience experience, improve the speed of the site and WordPress forums and blogger. 

11. Duplicate content: We all know that duplicate content is very bad, so exclusive content is important and is the most important factor for Google. 

12. Improved images: Sometimes become a difference in the search engine, it is important to improve images such as image name and alt text and image title and image description.

13. Updating Content: Updating your pages continuously gives you a big boost in the search engine, and you will notice the results immediately after several hours, with your results progressing to advanced positions. Google factors 

14. Content Update Size: When you add new information to the page with pictures and videos, not as you add a few words that are useless. 

15. Keyword prominence: Using Keyword in the first 100 words of a page, and its prominence is a good factor in Google.

16. Word synonyms: Very important factor, please understand it and focus on it, repeat keyword is good, but repeat keyword synonyms is required and important, like "Let's say the main keyword is Google Factors. , But when we also talk about "search engine factors" "search engine optimization factors" this is positive and important. 

17. Links within your site: When you write an article on a specific topic, and uses the evidence of large sites and have confidence in Google, this will be a good signal and factor calculated for you, because the search engine will easily determine the competence of your site.There is a list of Tips to improve results in Google search engine.Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments section and also join us on the social networking sites to stay connected with us. Also do not forget to go through an article on Top 6 Ways To Earn Money From Internet Without Investment.