7 Common Cause Why Computer Get Slow Down

Few things are more frustrating than working with a slow computer. If your computer seems to slow down or notice its poor performance for months, do not worry there are tips to solve all these problems.

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1. You need to reboot it

Sometimes, computer slowdowns come only temporarily. Whether it is in the program using too many resources or a Windows configuration error. This is especially true if you leave your computer running all the time. You must restart the computer regularly to avoid these issues.

Restarting your computer fixes all sorts of problems, so it is the first wise step when slow computer appears. If you restart and continue the problem, continue troubleshooting.

2. You have many programs running

With so many awesome Windows programs out there, it's normal to want to try running a lot of programs. However, you may encounter a problem if many programs run as soon as you run your computer for the first time. Many programs do this, so programs that you do not need to use at that time may be running.

Fortunately, it is easy to remove startup items. If you are not sure what to disable, check out the best startup programs that you do not need. You can remove unnecessary applications such as iTunes, Adobe Reader, and Skype, but make sure to keep antivirus and backup software running.

3. Your computer is infected with viruses

Just having such different drivers from unreliable sources can slow down your computer, having one or more malicious software, drivers can also cause major problems. Even install malware where pop-up ads cause problems for your computer.

With a few tools and a little bit of time, you can beat any piece of malware if you make sure you have a security program that detects these malware programs and then you should remove them immediately.

4. Heavy software

Some programs leave a heavy footprint on the performance of your system, unlike some of these heavy programs your computer looks very pathetic. Two of the most common examples are Norton Antivirus and Google Chrome browser.

You can remove Norton and replace it with another program, using an anti-virus cloud such as Panda will free resources on your machine. Google Chrome uses a lot of RAM, which the Chrome team will fix soon. So try using Opera or its replacement super-fast, like Nitro.

5. Your hard drive is almost full

While deleting all types of files to speed up your system, a hard drive that is almost full can affect your computer's performance. Hard drives need a certain amount of free space in their function, and they work constantly with an extreme disk and may cause you problems.

Fortunately, it is easy to clean files and give the system a chance to take a breath. Read this topic easier and better ways to free up space in Windows Try it now

6. You need to upgrade the hardware

If you have been working through fixes for all of the above tips and which have not yet been effective with you about speeding up your computer, you probably have insufficient hardware. , It may still be running Windows XP, try upgrading it to a new version of Windows 8 or 10 example.

7. You need to reinstall Windows

If you have tried with all the fixes listed above and are still with you speed problem, it may be in your best interest to reinstall Windows. Over time, you'll find your computer fast again.

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