Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Computer Run Faster

Simple steps to refresh your computer 

Broken Computer

Your computer has a lot in common with your body are two complex devices alike. There must be occasional disturbances and disruptions. These symptoms may look familiar to any computer:
  • During boot, you may experience error messages. 
  • Random stop of computer. 
  • Crashes occur when moving from window to window. 

The solution is not always that easy. Sometimes the fault of the computer is caused by errors in the work of cutting the device, but often it is due to lack of maintenance. With time and usage, instructions that run your computer can become confused, or even missing. To refresh your computer quickly, you should do some cleaning and do some basic repairs on your machine. In this post we have some simple steps that will refresh your computer.

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1. Clean the hard drive Start by scanning the annoying files. Unwanted image files, unwanted videos, duplicate files and remnants of deleted files that accumulate and inflate your system. In computers that are not cleaned regularly, these annoying files can represent more than 30% of the hard drive data. In the next steps we will address the unwanted files and how to clean them.

2. Duplicate files While saving and storing data, a file or group of files may be repeated accidentally several times. Unless these are backup files, you do not need them. (The backup files are best stored on a separate device or in a hidden location on your hard drive.) You can use a utility to detect and delete duplicate files at once.

3. Deleted files Deleted files (including images and unwanted messages) remain on your computer even after you press Delete; they are stored in the Recycle Bin until you clean them or even write them on the computer. You can permanently eliminate deleted files with the Clean Deleted Files Remover tool.

4. Defragment the hard drive The hard disk can not function efficiently if it is partitioned. Defragmenting the hard drive results in fragmentation of data stored on it but this makes the computer slow where it is forced to remember where it is placed for each piece of data, and this takes a lot of time and memory. When you defragment, you can reverse it. It will make the computer store all the data together. This increases the efficiency of your computer when opening files. If your hard drive is partitioned into several parts, defragment and collect it again, which will refresh your computer.

5. Defragment the registry Defragmentation is a very important cleaning process. It is a task to scan gaps of your registry, and reorganize all vital information. The defragmented memory keeps the memory and speeds up file opening time, including boot time. But this process is very dangerous and you have to deal with it with caution. Always take a backup of your registry before making any changes in case you make a mistake.

6. Be your computer doctor These reforms alone will remove the most common diseases of the computer. These problems often result from malicious system slowdown files, data fragmentation and memory usage. Computer spasms are rarely caused by malfunctioning, although this is what most people think. In short, it is not necessary for you to become a computer expert to repair your computer. In fact, you can often repair your computer without taking any courses.

This is a list of Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Computer Run Faster. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments section and also join us on the social networking sites to stay connected with us.

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