Why Your Computer Freezes? | How to Solve It

What makes your computer freezes? 

Whether your computer is old or new, you've certainly experienced a screen freeze, inability to move the mouse or do anything, and may result in losing important data or turning off operations you're working on and having to get back from scratch. You are in a state of frustration and anger. But, have you ever thought it might be the cause of this freeze?,

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In this post we will address the most important reasons why the computer freezes. How does the computer freeze? The first thing you notice is that your mouse pointer does not move and will not move after that, then your disappointment makes you miss any key on the keyboard but has little effect. Under these circumstances, all you have to do is turn off the computer by pressing the button for short time. When you restart your computer, you may receive a black screen with a white writing telling you whether you want to start in safe mode or start your computer normally. You choose to turn on the computer normally. If the computer continues to freeze after startup, there is a problem, just restart it.

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Causes of computer freeze: Hard drive errors The hard drive of your computer has a limited lifetime, may range from 3-6 years depending on the frequency and amount of use. However, hard disk efficiency may sometimes begin to decrease before you reach 3 years of age, so you should always take a copy Backup your important data. When the hard drive reaches the end of its life, it may start to face problems such as not reading and writing data accurately, high temperature, and internal mechanical failures. Your computer may freeze if the hard disk fails to read the data correctly. This error may be intermittent which means that sometimes the data is read correctly, and sometimes it is not done with the desired face. If the computer needs some data that is necessary for the operating system, and it can not read it, in this situation the computer will probably stop processing. If your hard drive is old, the best thing you can do is create a copy of your hard drive and transfer it to a new hard drive (before it's too late). You can use an assistant program such as Acronis True Image to do this perfectly.

Electrical problems in the computer All it takes for your computer to freeze is the instant loss of electricity either for the entire computer or for an individual component inside it. If you are facing a freeze, the first thing you should review is whether the power to the computer is connected properly to the computer and to the power supply. It is really easy to cut off the power plug even for a moment with a boost from your foot without feeling. You should also doubt whether there is a fault in the electricity intake itself. It is also possible, in the case of older computers, that the shaper is inside the computer. If there is a bad connection between the memory modules and the motherboard, or between the video card and the motherboard, at any moment a loss of power can occur. Disables a device component In older computers, it is very possible to damage your video card. Although the video cards are cooled by cooling fans, they may heat up a lot if the fan does not work well because of its foot or dust. This is a good reason to clean your PC every year. Excessive heat is an enemy that can cause a component of your device to crash. The power supply unit is another item that can hang but, if so, the computer will not work at all. However, the power supply unit may be the cause of the problem. It is also possible that the motherboard is home to a bug. Here is hard to be sure of this. If you've canceled everything but the freeze has persisted, the motherboard might be the problem. If you have a desktop computer, a new tablet can be installed in about 30 minutes. But if you have a laptop, it can take a lot of time. Moreover, laptop boards are usually more expensive

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