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Advantage & Disadvantage of Using Proxy 

Proxy server functionality is the connection between the web browser and the site on the Internet, and also achieves other purposes, such as anonymous browsing, filtering Domains and bypass the protection of blocked sites. As we know it is just another type of web server, it derives this name because of its function as a mediator between the client / user and the Internet. Today we are here to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the proxy.


The advantages of using a proxy 

1.  Browsing is anonymous One of the big benefits of using a proxy server is to hide internal clients for an external network. It makes your IP or network ID anonymous, to get your IPE protection at your normal browsing time.

2.  Access to websites that have been filtered through an ISP or a corporate dummy Sometimes, colleges and institutions only allow access to certain sites. Since sites and their content are filtered by ISPs, you can bypass the Internet service proxy by using the browser counter to use another proxy server.

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3.  Security In terms of security, you can set powerful proxy settings (depending on your choice) that will allow only some interferences in your web server.

4.  Performance To improve performance, you will allow the proxy to handle certain requests, and allow web servers to perform other functions. Proxy servers also open cached web pages and provide more efficient content delivery on the Internet. It can speed up access to your site's reports and content. This requires always returning to your local cache and pre-loaded results from each search, such as images and other graphic content.

5.  Easier to manage Because users access the site using the proxy account data they use, and because you can map millions of users while browsing the site, you can greatly reduce the ACL status of your site resources.

The disadvantages of using a proxy 

1. Additional costs While large companies can afford to buy and use proxy servers, for a small company it may be difficult to do so. Apart from installation, additional funds are needed to maintain and monitor the network.

2. By nature less secure SQL Server stores passwords in the directory (by default) stores passwords in encrypted form. Therefore, using proxy accounts will be less secure storing all user passwords in the directory.

3. Cache data Although data caching leads to faster Internet access, it is not always certain that the information displayed to users is up-to-date.

4. Settings These servers are prepared according to a specific goal. Therefore, the proxy system is programmed according to that sole goal. And even if you leave one open port, it gives the hacker a window to spy on your data.

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