How to Deleted Activity Log From Windows 10 | Simple Method

I think many of you know that Windows has always been considered one of the poorest operating systems in terms of privacy and user protection. But in its version of Windows 10, it collects and saves user activity history on their computers & also in Windows cloud storage.

Windows 10

Fortunately, Microsoft has made it easy to access data that has been saved, so it is easy to delete.

Data that is saved by a Windows 10 partner:

1. The Microsoft Edge history
2. Bing's search history
3. Your location data
4. Sound commands for Cortana

How to Delete the Activity Log in Windows 10: 
You can easily find where data was stored, and then directly delete it. There are two ways you can clear your activity history, in your computer's settings or in your Microsoft Cloud account.

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Do the following: 

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Activity history
2. In the Activity log, click Clear
3. If you want to prevent Windows from continuing to save your data, under Activity Collection, disable the Allow Windows to save my activity feature.

How to view your Windows 10 activity log: 

1. Go to Settings> Privacy> Activity history and click Manage my activity information
2. Your browser window will open, and you may be prompted to sign in to your account if you have not already signed in. You can also access this page through this link

Here, you found your data into the categories listed: 

  1. your browsing history, 
  2. your search history, 
  3. your location activity, 
  4. your voice activity, 
  5. your Cortana diary, and 
  6. your health activity.

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