How You Can Protect Your Data From Online Intruders

Hello readers this Avnish Kumar and today we will discuss about Protection from online frauds. Recently increased hacking operations on the Internet users and became a lot Of the victims who fall prey to these unscrupulous people and because of the piracy Many people are subjected to heavy losses due to theft of funds or data What is the reason for the spread of piracy? Unfortunately, the same user is the reason for the spread of these crimes, for several reasons, the most important of which is not to use protection programs, which is one of the most important reasons that helps to reduce these attacks and other steps of protection will recognize today most of the different ways that can be hacked and we will learn also The best steps we will be able to reduce are those attacks.

How You Can Protect Your Data From Online Intruders

Most of the methods that enable hackers to hack you Most of us think that hackers are people with high potential and can penetrate anyone who wants whatever the means of protection. But in fact, this belief is wrong because in order for hackers to steal any account must have a lot of weaknesses so that they can catch their prey easily and in order to discover hackers vulnerabilities of any account on the Internet must get the IP of the device Victim But the question here is how hackers discover the IP number of any device on the Internet? There are a lot of ways that hackers can know your IP number, which is summarized by the following: 

Responsing to Spam: 

In most of the messages we do not know anything about who send them and come in several pictures such as the one claiming to be one Your customer service representatives for your mail and ask you to reply to their messages in your opinion at the level of service, for example, once sent a reply is sent the number of the user used to send the message and this step will provide the hackers one of the most important weaknesses that will enable them to use against you to break you and steal your accounts whatever .

Ads - via link:

The function of these links is that once you click on them you will detect the weaknesses in the browser that you use to surf the Internet and therefore any action on the browser will be revealed to the hacker who made it, ie he will be able to know the addresses Your e-mail, private secret servers, and other data that you browse through the user's browser. Phantom sites: The function of those sites is to deceive the people who use the Internet, but how it is as follows: You can find some links in any site for any social network, for example, Facebook link to find a link interesting to attract you to click on it and once you click it find a similar page And you can not differentiate them from the real Facebook page tells you that you are logged out and you must log back in. Once you enter the data for your account you are transferred to the topic you want and then surprised minutes that your account was stolen without any warning. Unfortunately, many of us use these methods to activate some illegal programs or games. This is an excellent option for those who want to save their money and enjoy the same advantages of paid copies. However, those who use these tools do not know that they can lose all the data in the device. It is possible to open secret corridors for hackers and enable them to access your computer without being aware of the security programs installed on your computer.

The most important ways to protect your data from intruders:

1. When browsing the sites you must make sure that you have a secure connection to the site you are browsing before the address https and to make sure that you have a secure connection in the site you should note the presence of the icon of the site you are using.

2. Always do not reply to any message in your mail, but you know the owner well. 

3. Check some sites to make sure that they are free from malicious programs and you can check them by using some  antivirus

4. Remove any malicious application on your device such as crack or patch, which is one of the most dangerous applications that enable hackers to penetrate your device and steal all your data in it.

5. Always do not click on any link on the social networks or e - mail only after checking and make sure it is free of problems.

6. Use powerful protection programs and preferably a paid and original version to bring you the best result. Do not download any games or programs from unreliable sites. 

7. Do not store any secret numbers on your browser so hackers can not steal them. 

8. Make sure to clean your browser constantly by clearing cookies through your browser settings.

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