Top 3 Best Softwares Alternative to Microsoft Office

 Microsoft Office has always been at the helm of office software since it first appeared in 1989. However, there is much talk about its price and proprietary laws that enshrine monopoly in the industry. But in the past few years, some programs similar to Microsoft Office have emerged that can work just as well as alternative, free office programs. There are programs that come with more privileges than Microsoft Office. Let's take a look at the top three free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

MS Office

1. LibreOffice 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

It is a continuation of the people who were previously working on the OpenOffice program now, LibreOffice is a natural continuation of the open source dream that started with StarOffice in 1985. (yes, this makes it older than Microsoft Office!) In this free desktop program you have Word, Excel and PowerPoint equivalents, while Draw is a graphical tool similar to Visio, Math is used to create complex mathematical formulas, and Base is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, Allows creation and management of databases. The facades are a bit similar to the old school of Office bars, but it is full of features for both novice or professional users. How much it has great support for all kinds of different versions, there is a great community always ready to help you to meet your exact requirements.

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2. FreeOffice 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

If you are looking for something a bit more intuitive and maybe not quite complicated, you might prefer FreeOffice over Lipper. It is compatible with the notorious Microsoft formats so far - doc, xls, ppt and the like - and allows you to export in popular formats such as PDF and uncommon as ePub format. FreeOffice only features three standard programs - alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - but for most people these are enough, eliminating the mess of additional programs. One thing to take into account is that while FreeOffice is actually free, you only need to apply for a product key to get it started. This should not be a problem, however, I know you will not get rejected.

3. Google Drive 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux (unofficial), Android, iOS

This is the clearest, and at the same time controversial. The Holy Trinity of Google Drive documents, spreadsheets and presentations has massively displaced about 800 million people so far to cloud computing. There are no Office applications in Google Drive as a rich feature, such as the hard disk-based custom programs I mentioned earlier, but make up for it by using seamless device synchronization, instantaneous automatic provisioning and excellent help options, several people can work on the same documents One time and easy communication with each other during their work. It's light compared to its competitors in some ways (the composition, because of its cloud-based nature), but the Google Drive collection is a must, even if you have to use it along with your office software.

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