Top 5 Tips to increase laptop battery life Battery | Best Method

Battery and maintenance methods 

There are a lot of misconceptions about this subject so, That's why it seems so important to me to put an article on good and bad practices regarding the use of lithium ion batteries on most laptops.

Dead Battery - Top 5 Tips to increase laptop battery life Battery | Best Method

Let us see how we can maximize battery life. 

1. Avoid unloading and charging

Lithium Ion battery life offers a number of discharge cycles and full charge. Current batteries usually have a life of between 500 and 1,000 full cycles. If the battery is partially consumed, for example. 50% of its capacity before fully recharged, it represents only half a cycle, not a full cycle. And no need to fully discharge the battery before recharging. Dispose of inactive electrons at least once a month For proper maintenance of a lithium ion battery, it is important not to allow electrons to remain inactive for a long time. For this reason it is advisable to completely discharge the battery and then fully charge it at least once a month, especially if you use the device all the time without the sector.

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2. Do not leave the battery charge rate down to less than 10% 

In general, the operating system often places the computer directly in a sleep state when only 15% of the battery power remains. When this level is reached, the power supply may suddenly be lost. Reduce brightness Whatever type of LCD screen you have, you'll reduce the brightness, while still using the device in good conditions, and this reduces your power consumption. And then minimize the battery usage.

3. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

 If you're using your laptop or even your phone, without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth during that time, please turn it off! They drain battery power!

4. Disconnect unused devices

External hard drives, CD-ROMs, CDs, memory cards and other devices can consume power from the battery even if they are not used. So you have to disconnect if you do not need them.

5. Do not apply false ideas 

When working on your laptop, do not remove the battery from the computer. First, it is risky, because in case of power outage, you will lose unsaved ongoing business, which may damage the hard drive. Then it will not improve battery life, because the new lithium ion batteries will not have any effect (unlike old batteries). It is best to disconnect the power cord from the laptop when turned off, to avoid additional harmful battery charges.

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