Prevent Your Phone From Downloading Updates Automatically

Prevent your phone from downloading updates automatically

Prevent your phone from downloading updates automatically

If you're annoyed with Google's way of automatically updating apps once you've connected to the Internet on your Android phone, here's the right way to stop updating and automatically updating your Android applications automatically whenever you want.

Maintain the package and stop updating the android applications
If you have a limited Internet package, you will certainly be very upset when you are surprised that the phone automatically downloads all available updates to the applications. It will have an effect on the loss of the amount of capacity specified. Fortunately, you can prevent your phone from downloading updates automatically.

1. Disable automatic updating of applications

Since the Google Play store is the main store to download applications on Android phones, it will certainly be responsible for updating apps. So there's an option in Store Settings that lets you allow apps to automatically update whenever you're connected to the Internet via phone or Wi-Fi data or do not automatically update apps even if you're connected to the Internet. You can take this action after applying the following steps:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Press the menu button at the top left.
  • Choose from the Settings menu.
  • In Settings, click Auto-update apps.

A window with three choices appears.
The first is to stop the modernization of the android applications completely.
So, in the next few times, when there is a new update for a installed application. It will not automatically load, but you'll be notified of an update and you can decide whether to update it. So you also have control over Android app updates rather than automatically updating them.

2. Stop updating a specific application

If you have applied the previous step and disabled the automatic update for all applications, you want to discourage a particular application from it and keep it updated automatically. Or, conversely, you want to prevent a specific application from auto-updating. You can also do this with a hidden option in the Google Play Store. You can activate it if you want to make the automatic update for a particular app or apps or disable the update for specific apps. All you have to do is take the following steps:

  • Open the Google Play store.
  • Type the name of the application in the search field.
  • Click it from search results.
  • On the top right click on the menu button.

You'll see the option "Enable auto update".
Stop if you want to prevent this app from being automatically updated.
You can apply the same steps to all applications you want to disable for automatic updating, while other applications will automatically update without problems.

That is all, though it is very simple. But it will have an impact on the Internet package. Automatic updates consume a large part of the data during download, and in this way will be more in control of updates to provide data.

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