Whatsapp New Update: Access Chat Without Visiting the App

How You can Access Chat Without Visiting the App

Access Chat Without Visiting the App

Today more than 1 billion user are active on whatsapp and the number of users are increasing day by day. Whatsapp is adding more feature on their messenger app.

Recently Facebook owned a registered a domain www.wa.me to open a chat without accessing the app. This registered domain is short link for https://api.whatsapp.com. According to whatsapp this feature can be used to quickly open a chat in WhatsApp.

How to Use

To use this feature make sure your android phone is updated and you have intalled whatsapp messanger app on your phone after that you have to visit https://wa.me/(mobile_number). For eg:https://wa.me/915029383622. You have to put country code before number and then You will be redirected to whatsapp chat window.

How This Feature Work?

When you type https://wa.me/(Whatsapp number) in browser. This will redirect you to the whatsapp app then it will finding that number from your contact and open that individual's chat window for you to message.

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