How to Start a New Blog | Best Method

You want to start the blog, but do not know how to get started. Let me tell you how the blog can be started and how can you earn money from your blog ...?

How to Became a Professional Blogger | Best Method

Blog Selection

First of all, see what blogs are for you and for whom? If your blog becomes popular, then you can earn money too. But as well as making money from blogs, there is a great way to establish knowledge as a knowledge and a good writter. For most blogs, it is most important to incorporate the reader. So when you start writing, first of all write on the subject which you know well, the name of the blog should be similar to that. The most important thing is that the name of the blog is such that it can be easily remembered.

Blogging from Mobile

The blog should be such that you can post from anywhere and at anytime, but for this you have a laptop at all times, it is not possible at all times. You can now keep the blog up to date with smartphones or even tablets. You can use apps such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler to keep your blog up to date. The features of these apps are also quite good and it is also quite easy to do.

How to Attract Readers

Typically it is very difficult attracts the reader. Visitors came to your blog regularly, it takes some time. Not only do you have to post a regular blog, but you should also insert contemporary topics.

Apart from this, the search engine optimization tools have to be adapted for your blog to be more searched. For this, it has to be linked with the appropriate keywords, tags, text so that readers can also search your blog through search engines. If your post is long, that means the text is more in it, then it will help your blog search. The blog is more searchable, it also has a big role in social media. Post your links to your blog post with a short summary on Facebook, and Twitter. This will make your blog search soon on the search engine.

Keep the audience Engaged 

The number of visitors to the new blog is quite small. In this case if you also get 10-20 readers in the week, then this will be a big deal. Promoting your blog in such a way that visitors will visit your blog over and over again. You can ask the mailing address from the visitors and when you update your blog, you can mail the updates.

Use Plugins in the Blog

If you add the plugin to your blog, then the functionality of the blog increases. If you are on WordPress blog then WordPress SEO, Google Analytics, Akismet and Nextgen gallery are some popular plugins. Apart from this, you can also add social networking tools, widgets, admin assistance, comment moderation, captcha and contact form etc with your blog.

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