How To Choose Right Lenses For Your DSLR Camera? Types of DSLR Lenses

Photography can be improved by using the right lenses in a DSLR or mirror less camera. But it is not easy to choose one of their many options. In such a situation, it is important to know about these common camera lenses, their usefulness and the appropriate time to take photos.

How To Choose Right Lenses For Your DSLR Camera? Types of DSLR Lenses

Basics of Lenses

The focal length of the lenses shows how wide or zoomed-in they are. Focal length is measured in millimeters which is either fixed length or zoom range. The size of the camera's sensor can make a big difference in the actual focal length. Some lenses include an adjusted focal length.

Know about different types of lenses:

Wide-angle lens

You can fit better in the frame due to the larger field of view of this lens. The focal length of a typical wide-angle lens, 24–35 millimeters in a full-frame sensor, or about 16–24 millimeters in a crop sensor, while the focal length of an ultra wide-angle lens is very short.

Fit lens 

Standard kit lens comes with DSLR or interchangeable-lens camera. Its zoom lens is versatile and its focal length is between 35 and 70 mm in a full frame sensor or between 18–55 mm typical in a crop frame sensor. Kit lenses are flexible and easy to use.

Telephoto and Super zoom lens 

Telephoto or super zoom lenses are used to take distant shots. Their focal length starts at around 70 mm. These cover a large range of focal lengths. A 70–300 mm super zoom lens is considered the best. It is a perfect for wildlife photography.

Macro lens

Excellent close-up photography can be done with these lenses. Many of these produce 1: 1 images in which the subject is included. Flowers can also shoot other situations with small objects.

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