What are the Best Ways to Hide IP Address

There are many reasons why you want to hide your IP address, most of these reasons relate to your protection and protection of your privacy on the Internet away from hackers and intruders who want to follow you continuously and annoy you with a lot of annoying ads, links or even at least try to target ads specific to you which is you may not like it.

What are the Best Ways to Hide IP Address - I Have Tech

Of course there are some other reasons such as trying to access sites that you not want anyone to know that you are inside, the IP address is a double-edged sword that can protect or harm you and the way of use is entirely up to you.

What is IP Address

Before we talk about the way to completely hide the address, you must first know what your IP address is on the Internet, and the matter is simply a group of numbers that refer to your computer, Every internet accessing device has its own unique ip address.


This is the simple idea that VPN networks depend on. You can simply hide your private address by calling a secure and encrypted tunnel in a way and with special numbers to make your real IP address hidden and not easily accessible. There are a lot of free and paid programs for this service but personally I recommend You to use VPN like Nord VPN.

Use Secure Privacy Browser

With the increasing interest in online privacy and electronic protection, a group of browsers has emerged, mainly and mainly trying to hide your presence on the Internet and protect you from various attacks and the risks of hacking and theft through the network.

There are a lot of browser that provide such a service and they are excellent and very good browsers on top of them such as Tor Browser which is the most famous and followed by Brave.

Use Proxy Connection

The idea of ​​using the proxy is very close to the VPN, but its disadvantage is that the Porxy services may be a little slow. The method is a little safer but slower.

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