What is Google One? Know all about Subscription & Features

Google One is a cloud storage. A high level service from Google that gives you many advantages that you will use. There are many things you can do with this subscription. There are many advantages to Google subscriptions, and despite the low price, the service is very good. And we will show in this article the most prominent advantages of subscription

The best cloud storage services that you can use

Google One over capacity on Google Drive

To start with, Google Drive offers you 15 GB of free cloud storage. Google One subscription will offer you different storage capacities starting from 100 GB. Up to 30 TB of cloud storage. Yes 30 TB cloud storage. Almost your personal device does not complete 10 TB of capacity. All capacities include the ability to upload images to google photos and upload all your files that you use on Google Drive. Google Docs, and more.

Share space with family

Your Google One account enables you to add a group of accounts within the same subscription. This way you can add your family to your own subscription. The whole family can use the space they buy to upload their photos and files without problems. So you can buy cloud storage for the family without paying too much money. Each user has his or her privacy in the family. It only consumes storage space, but its uploaded files cannot be easily accessed. You can easily add up to 5 other people in the family

Share applications and books with the family

Imagine you want to buy an app for you to use. At the same time, someone from your family wants to buy the same application for his own use as well. The idea of ​​the matter here is that you can share any applications that you buy with your family, at your personal option. Any application that you purchase, through a Google One subscription, you can share it in your Family library as a user, so the application is available within the application library for each user in the family. You will not need to pay any subscription to purchase the application. This is not only limited to applications, but also to books and movies that you purchase on Google play as well

24/7 support from Google One

You can get around the clock support from Google that helps solve your problems quickly. Where technical support can reach you in two to 3 minutes. They can reach you by requesting a phone call and technical support will call you for free. Or by chat easily. Or by email. And that is around the clock throughout the week. And the specialist who will contact you will be speaking in Arabic or English or any language you need based on what you specify in your account.

Backup all of your phone

You can backup all of the phone with a Google One subscription. The backup includes everything on the phone up to the device data stored. And your private messages and multimedia messages. And different pictures and videos with ease. And all through the application for the service. The free Google One app, available on the Google play Store, helps you back up your entire phone. In addition, it helps you to control the members of your family within the subscription. And show the consumption of each family member of the space. In addition to categorizing your use of the space between messages, emails, pictures, Google Drive files, etc.

Pricing : $1.99 per month:100 GB, $2.99 per month:200 GB, $9.99 per month:2 TB

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