How to activate Game Mode in Windows 10

Game mode or gaming mode. It is one of the features held by Windows 10. How to activate Game Mode via settings.

How to activate Game Mode in Windows 10

Game mode or gaming mode. It is one of the features held by Windows 10. It is supposed to help improve the performance of games in some way. Microsoft used to include it as a game bar option in Windows 10. So you could have enabled it when you were playing. If not activated automatically when running the game. However, Microsoft removed it from the game bar. And to activate it you must enter and activate it from the system settings. And this is what i will explain in this matter. On how to activate the game mode through system settings


On the whole, if you use powerful gaming devices, you will not feel much difference when using gaming mode. It can not even feel a difference at all. But if you own one of the devices that does not help in playing. Or you have many operations that the processor performs in the background while you are playing. You will find a few nuances that will greatly improve gameplay. With promises from Microsoft to improve the property dramatically in the future

How to activate Game Mode via settings

1. Open the Settings app

2. Choose the Gaming option

3. On the left side of the screen, you will find a choice of Game mode

4. Click on Game Mode

5. Activate the selection as shown

Although gaming mode will not significantly affect your gaming experience. You will not feel any difference when you have a gaming device. But, as we said, the biggest beneficiary of this feature is the user who does not have a powerful device that is able to run games smoothly. As if it has a laptop with U processors and a weak screen card. Or that his personal device is relatively weak and old and he cannot keep up with modern games. Adding game mode has several improvements that can make his gaming experience better. All this with promises from Microsoft to add several improvements and additions that will greatly improve the game mode feature

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