How to activate Remote Desktop on Windows 10 | Easy Method

Remote Desktop (RDP) facilitates connection to another device and remote control over the Internet or transfer files from it via the Internet. Talk about connecting any two devices that have desktop control, such as a mobile phone, and a desktop device

How to activate Remote Desktop on Windows 10 | Easy Method

Its main function is to control another device via the Internet, and there are many applications to perform the same feature as Team Viewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, but if you do not want to download any applications and activate the service on your device without any downloading, follow the explanation How to activate.

Enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Type "Remote Setting" in the search bar, you will find in the "Allow Remote Access to your computer" options click on it to open a section for you from the control panel

The System Properties window will open for you.

Click on the "remote" section, then do "Allow Remote Connections to this Computer" and click on Apply and the desktop control tool will be successfully activated.

Now you can control any computer whose Windows platform is based, but you must obtain the IP or Host for the computer you want to connect to. Continue with the explanation to learn how to connect another device

Control Another Device

Open the Remote Desktop app you can search for in the search bar

Type the Host or IP of the device you want to connect to and click on Connect

Type the username and password for the device you want to connect to (the device must be locked with a password)

If you see any security related message, press Go then Connect Anyway and if you want this message not to appear again, press “Don’t ask me again for Connections of this PC”, the device is now connected.

To change the connection settings, go to the settings, then the connection settings, and you can adjust the appearance, devices and other modifications.

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