How to Know the Most Energy Efficient Programs in Windows 10

Over the course of updates that Microsoft made to the Task Manager program in Windows, we did not see any fundamental differences on the whole until Windows 8, but it is good that with Windows 10 now you can know the performance of your device's GPU and also now you will be able to discover the most energy-efficient programs at the present time and also the nature The consumption of each program is low, medium or high.

Knowledge of power consumption in Task Manager is only available for programs that are currently running. Open the Task Manager program and you will find two new cells next to the default boxes that were in previous versions, one called Power Usage and the other Power Usage Trend, if you do not find them, you can show them by pressing the right mouse button and showing them.

We also note that energy consumption has nothing to do with the programs that run on your computer necessarily, it is actually more dependent on the load that you place on these programs, for sure the number of tabs that you use in Google Chrome program as an example will make a big difference in the energy consumption of a program for Google Chrome, or for example Another in Photoshop is a simple process such as cutting a picture that will not consume energy like HDR image processing for sure, the idea is that you should use the program for a while to know the nature of its consumption with time.

Also, one of the advantages of Windows is that it has suitable Power Plans depending on your use in terms of whether your focus is on maximum computer performance, maximum battery saving, or a balance between the two, or you can create a Power Plan with settings of your choice, and preferably use the balanced Power Plan most of the time, also with these. The new addition in Task Manager will enable you to control battery consumption even more while using the balanced Power Plan by limiting the consumption of programs that consume a lot of energy.

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