How to Free up Storage after Windows 10 Update ?

when you upgrade to a new version of Windows, your Windows system keeps the old system files upto 10 days, because if something goes wrong u can back

How to Clean up Disk After Windows 10 Major Update ?

Does your storage also become full after updating Windows? Updating Windows is a pain, especially for those who have a limited data plan. But our problem is related to the storage not the data limit, so today, we are going to tell you what to do after updating Windows, so that, some of our storage can be emptied.

Windows 10 Update

Why does my store get filled up after updating windows?

It depends on what kind of update you have received. There are many types of updates in Windows, but we will only talk about the Windows version upgrade. Such updates are major updates which are very important for Windows and are also very large in size. So what happens is that when you upgrade to a new version of Windows, your Windows system keeps the old system files up to 10 days, because if something goes wrong in your Windows upgrade, you can go back to the previous update.

If there is no problem after your Windows update and you want to empty your storage immediately then you can, it will not cause any harm to your Windows. Just follow the steps given below correctly.

Steps to Clean up Disk

  • First  go to This PC.
  • Now select C drive (the drive in which your windows is installed) and right click on it and go to properties.
  • Now click on disk cleanup.
  • Now you will see a lot of check boxes, out of which you have to select "Windows Update Cleanup" and "Previous Windows Installation" and click on OK.

Disk CleanupDisk Cleanup

  •  After this you will get a warning "If you clean up the previous Windows installations or temporary installation files, you will no longer be able to restore the machine back to the previous version of Windows, Are you sure that you want to do this?" Click on Yes
Disk Cleanup Warning
  • It will take some time to clean,
Disk Cleanup

It will depend on your system hardware After the cleanup is complete, you will notice that there is a lot of free space on your drive. With Disk Cleanup, you can easily manage the storage of your drives, in which you get a lot of options like you can manage temporary files, cached data, temporary Internet files, downloads, recycle bin, etc.

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