NPM vs PNPM vs YARN Which is faster and why?

Learn which package manager is faster for JavaScript development: npm vs pnpm vs yarn. Explore how each one impacts speed, efficiency, and performance

As a developer, you’ve likely heard of npm, pnpm, and yarn. These package managers have revolutionized the way we manage our dependencies and streamline our workflows. However, each of these package managers has its own set of pros and cons that can impact your development speed and efficiency. In this article, we’ll compare npm vs pnpm vs yarn and help you decide which one is the fastest and why.

What is npm?

npm (Node Package Manager) is a popular package manager for JavaScript. It comes pre-installed with Node.js and allows developers to install and manage dependencies for their projects. npm offers a vast repository of packages and is used by millions of developers worldwide.

What is pnpm?

pnpm is a newer package manager that aims to solve some of the issues that come with using npm. One of the most significant differences between pnpm and npm is that pnpm uses a single shared cache for all projects, rather than installing each package in every project’s node_modules folder. This approach helps reduce disk space usage and improves installation times.

What is yarn?

Yarn is another package manager for JavaScript that was developed by Facebook. Like pnpm, yarn also offers a shared cache for packages, making it a more efficient and faster option than npm. Yarn also has some additional features, such as offline installation and deterministic installs.

Speed Comparison

Now let’s compare the speed of these three package managers. In general, both pnpm and yarn are faster than npm, especially when it comes to installation times. This is because both pnpm and yarn use a shared cache, which means that packages only need to be installed once, rather than being installed in each project.

In terms of startup times, npm is the fastest option. This is because it comes pre-installed with Node.js, so there is no need to install any additional dependencies to get started. However, this advantage is relatively minor compared to the gains in installation times offered by pnpm and yarn.

When it comes to performance, all three package managers are relatively similar. However, pnpm may have a slight edge over the other two, thanks to its use of a single shared cache.

Why is pnpm faster?

As mentioned earlier, pnpm uses a single shared cache for all projects, which helps reduce disk space usage and improve installation times. When you install a package with pnpm, it first checks to see if that package is already installed in the shared cache. If it is, it can simply link to the existing package, rather than installing it again.

This approach helps reduce the amount of time it takes to install packages, as well as the amount of disk space used. Additionally, pnpm is designed to work well with monorepos, which can further improve installation times and reduce disk usage.


In conclusion, when it comes to speed and efficiency, pnpm and yarn are the clear winners over npm. While npm is the fastest option when it comes to startup times, it falls behind pnpm and yarn when it comes to installation times and disk space usage. Of these two options, pnpm may have a slight edge, thanks to its use of a single shared cache.

Ultimately, the choice of which package manager to use will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, if speed and efficiency are your top priorities, then pnpm or yarn may be the best option for your projects.

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