Top 7 Features on YouTube Every Creator Should Know

Discover the hidden YouTube features to improve your channel, from video editing to analytics, closed captions, music library and more.

Features of YouTube

As one of the most popular video-sharing platforms on the internet, YouTube is known for its wide range of features that make it easy for creators to produce and share their content with the world. However, there are some lesser-known YouTube secret features that can help creators enhance their videos and optimize their channels in ways that many people may not be aware of. 

YouTube on Mobile Phone

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top YouTube secret features that only a few people know.

1. YouTube Studio Video Editor

While many creators use third-party video editing software to create their videos, YouTube actually has a built-in video editor that is often overlooked. YouTube Studio’s video editor allows creators to trim, cut, and splice their videos directly on the platform. This feature also offers some basic editing tools, such as adding filters and adjusting brightness and contrast, that can help creators enhance the overall look of their videos.

2. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a relatively new feature that allows creators to produce short-form videos that are up to 60 seconds in length. This feature is similar to other short-form video platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, and is designed to help creators create engaging content that can be quickly consumed by viewers.

3. YouTube Premiere

YouTube Premiere is a feature that allows creators to schedule a video premiere in advance, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement around the release of their content. Viewers can then watch the premiere together and participate in a live chat during the event, which can help build a sense of community around the creator’s channel.

4. YouTube Live Redirect

YouTube Live Redirect is a feature that allows creators to redirect viewers from one video to another or from one channel to another during a live stream. This feature can be used to promote other videos or channels, drive traffic to a website, or provide viewers with additional content that they may be interested in.

5. YouTube Analytics

While YouTube Analytics is not a secret feature, many creators do not take advantage of its full potential. YouTube Analytics provides creators with valuable insights into their channel’s performance, including metrics such as views, engagement, and demographics. This information can be used to optimize content and target specific audiences, which can help creators grow their channel and increase their reach.

6. YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is a collection of free music and sound effects that creators can use in their videos without worrying about copyright issues. This feature is a great resource for creators who are looking to enhance their videos with music or sound effects but don’t have the resources to create their own.

7. YouTube Subtitles and Closed Captions

YouTube Subtitles and Closed Captions are features that allow creators to add captions to their videos, making them more accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. These features can also help improve the overall viewer experience by providing a way for viewers to follow along with the video even in noisy or crowded environments.

In conclusion, while YouTube is known for its wide range of features, there are some lesser-known YouTube secret features that can help creators enhance their videos and optimize their channels in ways that many people may not be aware of. By taking advantage of these features, creators can produce more engaging content, build a sense of community around their channel, and grow their audience and reach on the platform.

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