How to Check Type of RAM and its speed in Your Computer

Speed and Type of RAM in Your Computer

Do you want to learn about RAM on your desktop or laptop? Do you want to know what their type, size and manufacturer are? You are in the right place, through this article we review the ways to do so easily.

How to Check Types of RAM and its speed in Your Computer

There are several reasons why you might want to know about RAM in your computer. For example, if you want to upgrade RAM, you should know the type, type, speed and size of the RAM segment you currently use in the machine, so you buy RAM with higher capabilities not less.

1. Use Task Manager

In Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, Task Manager is very sophisticated for older Windows versions. It enables you to physically monitor your device's resources, and can provide you with important information about components such as processor, hard drive, screen monitor and of course RAM. All you need is:

  • Right-click on the taskbar, and then click Task Manager.
  • Click on More.
  • Go to the Performance section.
  • Press Memory from the left side.

On the right hand side, you will find a statistical graph of the actual consumption rate of the ram. Below is information such as size, speed and which category belong, whether it is DDR3 or DDR4, the number of ports available on the mattress, etc.

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2. Using Windows commands

There is a second way without programs for Windows users. This method is based on a Windows command to check the RAM used in the system and displays information that is not detailed but is important anyway and you need to know it. Apply the following steps if you want to use this method:
  • Open the Start menu and look for the Command Prompt or CMD tool.
  • Click on the tool icon to show you the command prompt's black window.
  • Copy and paste the following command into the window:

wmic memorychip get manufacturer, capacity, partnumber, speed, memorytype, devicelocator, formfactor

  • Press Enter.

When the command is executed, the information will be displayed in order. Where you find the capacity below the total capacity of ram in bytes, and the lowest manufacturer manufacturer, and if you find down MemoryType number 24 this indicates that RAM is DDR3 type but if 0 means DDR4. Next to the serial number and speed.

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