Top 3 Apps To Control Your Computer From Anywhere

Many times this happens when we are out of our house and we need our computer. So today, I will tell you about 3 such apps that will help you to control your computer and Can control anything from anywhere. These apps help you to use your computer from anywhere.

Top 3 Apps To Control Your Computer From Anywhere

Unified Remote

This app works ios, android and windows smart phones as well as various computer os like windows, linux and os x well. It's easy to set up. Download this app in the phone and download a small server program from its website to your PC. After this, connect both of the same Wi-Fi network. App will scan your network for Active PCs. After that you can browse folders, surf the web using the phone's touch screen and you can watch the video on pc.

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Slash 2 Desktop

With the help of this app, you can connected to your PC from anywhere. You can control your computer on your home Wi-Fi network.
Even if you are out of the house, you can stream photos and videos in the phone. This is possible with the help of this app's Annex Access Pack. This is Paid Service. For this, you need a strong 3G or 4G signal. After this you will have to install an app in your smart phone and a server program in your computer. You also have to create a slash account. The facility of server password protection is free but comes with Encryption Paid service.

Chrome Desktop Remote

It's easy to use this free app available for Android smart phones. For this, you must have a Chrome browser in PC and you must have a Google Account. Chrome Desktop Remote Extension is also required for the browser. You must allow the extension to acess your pc. After that you can work by opening the app on your phone. Apart from mobile connectivity, you can use the home network.

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