How To Track Sent Mail in Gmail | Best Method

How To Track Sent Mail

Whenever we send an email to anyone, there is one thing in mind that the mail will be seen or not. But now you can learn this in Gmail. Know how

How To Track Sent Mail in Gmail | Best Method

• First of all you download the Rightinbox extension in the Chrome browser.

• After downloading the Rightinbox, open your Gmail account. After you open Gmail, you will have the option to download the mail, which is allowed.

• Now it's time to track the mail so that you can compose mail after the above process.

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• After composing mail in compose mail, in the options given above, the button of the track will appear, which is the same as the sender's button.

• To track mail, you just have to make a ticket in that track box.

• Now as soon as the person on the other side opens the mail, you will have a match immediately, so you will know that the mail has been watched.

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