How to Check Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10

how to check the health of your laptop battery in Windows 10 and delay its damage. Use built-in tools or third-party software for better monitoring.

Check Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10

The laptop battery is one of the components that damage your laptop very quickly. In the past, you could change it yourself or even unplug it when you don't need it, but most new devices have batteries built in to it, so it becomes difficult to disconnect or dispense with them even though there are techniques to protect The battery from voltage fluctuations and such things.

Laptop Charging
Laptop Charging

Unfortunately, battery damage is a foregone conclusion and will happen no matter how you try to avoid it, but the trick here is to delay its occurrence as much as possible or to know the time that will happen in order to be able to avoid the pressure and load on your device battery more and deal with it in a way that may give it additional life, the damage that will happen in the battery It may affect the performance of the device, but you will always find it affects the shelf life of the battery, so you will find that the battery loses a lot of its charge over a long time, or in a healthier sense that reduces the size of the battery and its ability to hold the charging card, which makes it discharge faster.

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Fortunately, Windows 10 comes bundled with a tool that helps you check the battery, its status, its total capacity, and other data about it. All of these things appear to you from the health report that you can access through the Command Prompt window.

To get this report in the beginning, you must open the Command Prompt as Admin access rights.

Now type the following command:


You will find that the battery report is saved in the System32 file located in the Windows file on your main system disk under the name battery-report.html.

When you open the file, the page will look like this:

How to Check Your Laptop Battery Health in Windows10

All you have to do now is head over to the two boxes labeled Design capacity and Full charge capacity. The number next to Design capacity is the full capacity of your battery or the amount of energy that your battery was designed to bear and store inside. Full Charge Capacity This number represents the charge or charge capacity that your battery can hold when it is new and begins to use it, you can expect some variation between the two numbers Because the battery will not keep the full charge that was designed to keep it because this will be dangerous to it so the factory leaves a little room and a small difference so that you can take advantage of the battery for a longer period.

Program for better and more information about the battery:

You can use a free third-party program on Windows 10 to know more about your battery and its condition and to monitor its condition better, so you can use BatteryInfoView.

Download and install the software and then run it to give you more information than the Windows 10 battery report.

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What distinguishes this program from the report that is produced from Windows 10 is that it gives you an expanded and larger idea of ​​the actual size of your device's battery, and it also gives you this size in the form of a percentage in order not to get tired of seeing the large numbers of mWH.

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