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In light of the advanced technologies used in smart phones and the prolonged use of the phone because it is a strong alternative to the computer, we find it difficult to manage the energy consumption of the phone battery, and some companies neglect the battery capacity from their calculations, resulting in a weak battery in front of a phone with strong capabilities and benefits, so users resort To buy Power Banks and many may be fooled by some brands in the market and does not know which is better and more suitable for his phone.

Which Power Bank Should You Buy - I Have Tech

In this article, we will get acquainted with some of the criteria on which to choose the appropriate Power Bank tank, so it is recommended that you read these criteria well before purchasing the Power Bank tank.

Power Bank Type :

You must take into account the type of power bank, as the quality of the power banks varies with their different types, also taking into account the efficiency of the power bank in terms of the speed of its charging and the amount of energy provided to you when it is charged 100%, if we want to arrange the types of power banks from the best of the most efficient to the least efficient it will be as next one.

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Power Bank Capacity : 

The capacity of the power banks available on the market are various. Your choice of the power tank capacity depends on the capacity of your phone's battery, for example: If your phone battery capacity is 3.000 mAh and above, it is not beneficial to purchase a power tank with a capacity of 5.000 mAh because it will give you a cycle Charging one and maybe a little more than that but the best is to choose a power tank with 10,000 mAh also does not benefit the purchase of a power tank greater than 10,000 mAh because it will be a waste of money, and it must be taken into account that most of the energy tanks do not give 100% efficiency in practice, the energy tanks may give Just 90%, for example, the 5,000 mAh capacity tank has a real capacity of 4,500 mAh considering that This ratio is mainly dependent on the quality of manufacture of the power tank.

Charging Ports : 

If you always use more than one phone, or maybe you have a regular phone and a tablet phone, then you will need a power tank with at least two inputs, bearing in mind that the value of the current from the two inputs is different. For example, you may find the value of the current coming out of the input is 1.5 A and the other 2.1 A in If you have a regular phone and another tablet, it is better to connect the tablet phone to the outlet with a higher value, also some cabinets support the fast charging feature, but this feature works with phones that support this feature only, so do not expect this type of power tanks to charge your phone faster if It did not support this feature.

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Battery Type :

Most of the power tanks are powered by a Li-Po or Li-Poly battery, which is the best type of battery, as its shelf life is about 5 years, compared to the quality of other batteries called Li-ion, and its shelf life is only 3 years, so you should check the type of battery before purchasing the power tank .

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