Why Smartphones Charging Slowly & What is Solution?

Slow charging of phones is a severe problem facing many users around the world. Imagine that your phone supports fast charging, but for some reason you cannot use this feature. Which may bother you and make you sleep hard on the phone. Especially in the current state of cell phone batteries that exceed 4000mah capacity. Charging a battery of this size takes up to two and a half or three hours of time to reach 100%. In this topic, we searched for common problems causing slow charging phones and the most prominent possible solutions to these problems. Remember, before reading this topic, that fast charging is associated with the hardware and its accessories, and not all software problems.

Why Smartphones Charging Slowly & What is Solution?

How to measure your charging speed

Easily measure the device's battery charging speed with the Ampere app. It is an application that tracks the charging value of the device in milliamps unit. And it gives you a real and accurate number of the shipment that enters your device during charging. From there, you can extract the charging time that the phone will actually take to reach 100% of the charge. Say, for example, that your device has a 3000mAh battery. And I used the application and found that it gives you a reading of 1500ma when measuring. If your device at one hour enters 1500 mAh of charge. That is, it will take up to two hours for your phone to fill the 3000mAh capacity battery. And so on

Reasons for slow charging phones

1. Cheap Charging Cable

Do not buy a cheap charging cable. The worst thing any user might think of buying a charging cable is buying it for any inexpensive cable, thinking that no effect will happen. This will not reduce its charging speed. He buys any cable at a cheap price and uses it. This is a very big mistake. Charging cables are mainly copper wire. If you bought a cable that is not good, the copper purity of the cable can be minimal. Which increases the resistance of copper to electricity. According to the laws of electricity, any impurities present in the wires will affect the overall resistance of the wire. Consequently, the wire will not conduct electricity with the required efficiency of the phone. When you buy a new cable, do not just search for the cheap. Rather, carefully choose the cable you will be buying. We always recommend buying original accessories for your phone. If this is not available, I will list the best brands that you can buy good charging cables from

2. Slow electricity source

At first, if you use a USB port on your computer or laptop to charge the phone, do not hope to charge your phone quickly. USB ports Even in the case of USB 3.0, phones do not charge quickly. Rather, it is very slow, as the amount of current coming out from one input does not exceed 1 Ampere. It is very slow compared to how much you get from fast charging for your phones. QC 3.0, for example, gives you a current of up to 2.5 ampere. Charging the phone through the USB port is not the fastest thing. Also, wireless charging is not very fast. It does not give you high current intensity compared to, the phone's charger. I don't say the wireless charger is bad. It is good and offers high charging speeds. But not like a natural wall charger. Also, the Power bank must be supportive of fast charging technology to get the fastest charging speed from it. Otherwise, you will not benefit anything.

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3. Slow Charger

Initially, we said that slow charging of phones is something other than a charger. But what if the charger itself is bad? Some people buy the shipping accessories in any form and at any price. Because in their mind the charger is the charger and the charger all it will do is charge the device. Absolutely wrong thinking because you must think about the requirements of your phone to reach the ideal state of charging. The charger that comes with your phone has certain specifications that you should not turn away from. If your charger is 10 Watt, do not buy a charger less than this. only increase if your phone supports it. And buy just the right one. And don't buy a cheap charger just because it's cheap. You do not know if it is a reliable charger or if it will explode on the wall immediately after it is turned on.

4. Old Phone

It is simple. Don't expect your phone to charge quickly? Older phones do not support fast charging technologies. Because it was not present, was not recent, or was not available for the phone at the time of its release. So do not hope that your old phone will be one of the fastest phones to charge. It does not support this feature in the first place

5. Battery Issue

Your battery can be the main cause of the charging problem. If there is a problem with the battery, we recommend that you replace it quickly. Because the battery is a chemical compound inside your phone. If a problem occurs, it could affect the whole device. Not just over the freight itself. If it has any problems, the battery will need a long time to be fully charged and filled.

6. Operating System 

In fact, the problem cannot be classified as being 100% operating system-based. It can be from the same user. So you should monitor what you do while charging your phone. Do you use the phone while charging? Browse the internet and social media as facebook and twitter. Or play some games on the phone. If the answer is yes, then this is a problem that you have caused. Do not use the phone while you are charging it, or it will take a long time for charging. However, the use while charging can affect and in a small way, but it increases with time on your battery.

Background applications can cause battery wear, which causes them to charge in a relatively long time. Not too long. But it's a long time anyway. It is therefore advisable not to leave many unhelpful applications to run in the background. Close it periodically so that it does not consume anything special from the battery while charging. And until the phone is charged well without any problems encountered.

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7. Damaged Charging Port

There are 3 factors that can affect your phone's charging speed. The first is that the charger entrance is not clean and this is the least harmful problem. Since throughout the day that your phone falls into your pocket for a long time and is exposed to any dust, it is permissible that the charging port will be full of dust. And dust - conductive of electricity - can reduce the speed of charging. So try using a toothbrush or anything with a pointed tip to clean the entrance carefully and slowly until you solve this problem. The another reason is that the entrance is damaged. That is, you will need to change the entrance to your charger.

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